Bring Home The Beacon

Bring Home The Beacon is a multiple team based stealth collection game about finding the hoard of your opponent teams and stealing their lights. Teams sneak, stalk, race, and steal their way to amassing the biggest net full of lights. The game is played in a crowded public space with many structures, objects, and people to hide behind and sneak around. Players may decide on a strategy of stealth or outright speed, but communication is essential to finding one’s teammates as they move around to evade discovery by their opponents.


It was last played at Come Out and Play New York and San Francisco 2014.

Games consisted of 10 teams of five people each spread out over the entire festival. Each team had a lightkeeper with a butterfly net and four lightbringers. Each team started with a few lights and we would release more in the central safe zone over time. Most light exchanges happened when lightbringers tagged each other or found other teams’ lightkeepers. Rounds lasted twenty minutes and the team with the most lights won. In New York, the players delighted us with their eagerness to line up for future games, suddenly learned parkour skills, and creativity that caused the police to keep giving us more warnings.


In it’s second iteration the game was very similar but was called Hoard and Seek. It was meant to be played during the day and used baskets and balls.

The game originally started as a field and neighborhood blocks game called Hoardquarters. It was designed to be played across different neighborhoods and cities. We found a common area that we could use as a game space in urban areas is the square block of a neighborhood. How could having limited view around the corners of the blocks be used to the advantage of fun? We placed a person and a hoard on each corner and had people sneaking into each other’s territories to steal items. This proved to be very tiring as people raced across whole street blocks and did not ever try to be stealthy. Teams did not operate together as there was no benefit to having more than one hoard to guard. We found shortening the distance increased the use of multiple strategies. Each team now has one hoard that can be carried by the players, making the game more like hide and seek and less about territory invasion. We tested the game at farmer’s markets and flea markets. Both locations have multiple square areas with hidden views as well as lots of people carrying goods.

Bring Home the Beacon is a collaborative project made by Lily Cheng and Albert Kong. You can read the full rules on the game page on Ludocity.