Sifteo Cubes – Oogor’s Day

Oogor’s Day is an interactive children’s storybook that lets your actions decide what Oogor does for the Original Sifteo Cubes. Sifteo Cubes is a video game system consisting of three or more cubes with screens that can sense being near each other, tilted, turned over, clicked, and shaken to interact. More information can be found on the product wiki entry.

The game was made for the base set of three Sifteo Cubes. Each cube is a container for one character. Oogor the monster appears on one cube in each page of the story. Players progress through the story by neighboring cubes together, touching the button, tilting, and shaking the cubes. The strength of Sifteo Cubes is that they are physical objects so flipping any of the cubes over turns the page in the story just like in a book. Each player action would read a line of the story over the speakers. The story would be about the characters being used and their positioning in relation to each other. For example putting the sun over the house would read a line about the sun passing over the house, while putting the sun to the left of the house would read a line about the sun setting to the west.

Oogor_NighttimePlayers could repeat a single line over and over by doing the same action. The story reacts if a player performs one action too many times. Individual actions affect later events as the story branches into multiple narratives. This means each reading of the story could be completely different based on what player actions were taken.

I was responsible for the design, art, and programming. This game was created to explore branching narrative in the form of a young children’s story. This generation of Sifteo Cubes had unlimited sound storage but very limited graphical storage. Oogor’s Day took advantage of this by having pictures that animated but did not move, allowing the player to move the characters around as they pleased as if each Cube represented one character. The game system was created such that future stories could easily be created with sound and text files and no additional code.