Relative Feeling

Relative Feeling is an experience that questions each person’s perception of time.

Players are invited to sit down with a time travel guide to discuss their perception of what 15 minutes feels like to them. They were then sent off on a 15 minute mobile phone led adventure in the neighborhood that allowed them to choose an open ended or guided achievement path based on their preferences. Their experience is framed by this choice but is a similar structure and the same length of time either way.

Mid way through they are asked to write a letter to someone they know either to share the moment with someone from their past and to address any memories the objects of their attention may remind them of. They were then directed back to a time travel guide and asked if they would like to give us their time, represented by the letter. They were then asked about whether their perception of time had changed, how they felt more consciously giving up their time and whether it was worth it.

A display of collected time. How many hours and minutes did we receive?

The experience was built using Coney’s platform for turning SMS and phone call technology generally used for frustrating customer service phone tree experiences into a story telling and communication platform. This was made in collaboration with Francine Dulong and Kai Oliver.