Sifteo Cubes – Sandwich Kingdom

SKBigSandwich Kingdom is a maze based adventure game for the current generation of Sifteo Cubes. Sifteo Cubes is a video game system consisting of three or more cubes with screens that can sense being near each other, tilted, turned over, clicked, and shaken to interact. More information can be found on the product wiki entry..


I contributed the original concept and prototyping. The game was created to explore using Sifteo Cubes as windows onto a large maze based map. The cube with the heroine on it represents a location on the map. Putting new cubes next to the player cube reveals more of the map that the heroine can explore and move into with various paths, obstacles, and items. The game was made so that the Sifteo Cubes system would have am in-house long story driven game as well as a permanent maze game.



The game stars Princess Pearl of Sandwich on a quest to restore her family’s honor through the making of the most gigantic sandwiches. The items being collected in each level are sandwich ingredients. The two pieces of bread bookend the beginning and end of the level, allowing the player to collect as few or as many things in between as they like.The use of plastic toothpick swords and food gives the game a more whimsical feel to focus on the exploration and collection aspects of an adventure game.


The maze like adventure game in a forest is inspired by the Super Nintendo game “The Legend of Zelda”. Unlike that game, the hero wearing the tunic and carrying the sword in this game is the princess. Sifteo Cubes are intended for a young audience so we took this opportunity to stray from the stereotype of video games to present a female hero.