Sifteo Cubes – Word Play

WPBigWord Play is a fast paced word making game. Each Cube has a letter on it and players group letter cubes together to form words. The Original Sifteo Cubes is a video game system consisting of three or more cubes with screens that can sense being near each other, tilted, turned over, clicked, and shaken to interact. More information can be found on the product wiki entry.

I designed and programmed Word Play. This game was made to explore each cube as parts of a whole. At the time of this game’s creation many of the games in the Sifteo library focused on puzzle, math, and science games. I wanted to expand the library into the exploration of softer skills such as language, story, emotion, and creativity. Over many demos we have confirmed this is the easiest of the Sifteo Cube games for a person who has never used the system before to understand how to use.


There is a lot of physical black space between each screen so the art was made to make the multiple letter words feel like one object. Colors are used to convey when a word has been made in a very visible manner. Shape is also used to reinforce the completion a word, particularly for color blind use. The unique challenge of a completely square cube is the lack of a defined up. We made sure the art conveyed a very clear up and down so that players knew how to connect more than one cube in a straight horizontal line. The small screen size also made it difficult to put the score and time left in a legible manner.


While most games for the Sifteo Cubes system were optimized for the three cube starter park, this game is more fun with more cubes. Each cube contains one letter so the difficulty level rose with each cube and letter added. Players set high scores by making the most words in a set amount of time with a set of letters. More points are given for longer words.